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Starbucks Approach to Staffing and Scheduling

Starbucks has a strong legacy of progressive and responsible employment. We also know many of our partners are balancing outside obligations and interests. Scheduling must take an individual approach, allowing for both the consistency and flexibility that are important to each of them.

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Update on the Health Benefits of Coffee

Starbucks is aware the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) updated classifications to coffee. To evaluate any research on the health benefits or risks of coffee consumption, we work closely with the National Coffee Association (NCA).

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Starbucks Commitment to Inclusion

At Starbucks, our Mission and Values are at the heart of everything we do. We treat each other with respect and dignity, and we embrace diversity and inclusion in order to create a place where each of us can be ourselves. Discrimination of any kind has no place in our company.

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Starbucks Encourages Civic Engagement

Embarking on a multi-year effort to strengthen our democracy, Starbucks is making a digital tool from Turbovote accessible to all partners in the U.S. This tool makes registering to vote fast and secure from computers and mobile devices. Through Turbovote, anyone who is eligible to vote in the U.S. can register to vote and sign up for important reminders to stay engaged in local and national elections throughout the year.

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BPC Leading National Effort to Improve the Electoral Process

Working with leading national employers (including Starbucks), nonprofit organizations, and government officials, BPC is announcing an effort to encourage employees to register, to vote, and to work as volunteers at polling places.

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Starbucks Response to Sourcing Questions in Brazil

Starbucks takes the social and environmental conditions on coffee farms very seriously and that’s one of the reasons we developed C.A.F.E. Practices in partnership with Conservation International over 10 years ago.

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Starbucks and Sustainable Palm Oil

Starbucks shares the concern with NGO’s and activists that because tropical forests are being cleared for oil palm cultivation, destroying habitat and biodiversity and impacting communities, more must be done.

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Starbucks Health and Wellness Timeline

Starbucks aims to help its customers make nutritional choices that are right for them through beverage customization and providing a diverse menu of breakfast, lunch and snack options. Starbucks is proud of the progress made throughout the years and is committed to continuing this momentum on the company's health and wellness journey.

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