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Starbucks Celebrates the Opening of Its Sixth Discoveries® Dream Library in Korea

Starbucks Celebrates the Opening of Its Sixth Discoveries® Dream Library in Korea

On December 9th, 2013, Starbucks celebrated the opening of its sixth Discoveries® Dream Library at Mulme Elementary School located on Jeju Island in Korea. The school received more than 2,000 educational books as well as financing for the construction of a new library. 

A small school with 81 students, Mulme Elementary School provides special educational programs for students, including English language classes, musical instrument sessions, and reading comprehension classes. The library is now open to the students and the local residents of Jeju Island.

In the weeks leading up to the opening of the Dream Library, Starbucks hosted a series of online events in which members of the community could upload encouraging messages about the world of reading as well as book recommendations for the students. At the Dream Library opening ceremony, all of the students received one of the recommend books from the community’s list with the encouraging messages printed on bookmarks.

Since 2008, the Starbucks Discoveries Dream Library program has donated more than 15,000 books to schools across Korea. Each year, Starbucks selects one elementary school in a rural area in need of books and other educational materials. 

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